Vintage Varsity Jacket

How do we know and identify the varsity jacket? If we talk about on Vintage Varsity Jacket so it comes in the wool jacket (front and back) with leather sleeves with the same color touch in pockets and buttons for matching. The majority of it’s come in the dual shade for their classy look.

It is worn by famous personalities also like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Michael Jackson. It is now popular in many subcultures over time. Nowadays, the varsity jacket is back to being a must in the streetwear world. So it can be worn by everyone casually.

If we start the beginning of Vintage Varsity Jacket. So the first time it was worn by the baseball team of Harvard University was in 1865. That first distinctive garment that marked the look of a specific group was surely different from what we know as today’s varsity jacket, it was made up of a very heavy wool sweater and legend has it that it was the team players themselves who also decided to embroidery in the midpoint of their uniforms (iconic letter H) and they know as letterman sweater or jacket that evolved through the years.

In the start, the outfit had an enormous worth and was really reputable as well as elitist. In fact, it was given to all the members of the squad but only the most deserving could keep it, and the other people who sat on the bench for example, and played little had to return it at the end of the season.

Then other university students also start to wear it when they are in teams. What we also know today as the varsity jacket was born. Players were demanding heavier apparel to combat the cold and leather sleeves and buttons were added to the wool jersey, with the letter moving to one side and the letterman jacket became a ranking item within universities.

We are seeing the change in fabrics, design, and styles of the initialing from big, bold essentials to a more designing yet equivalently iconic style it possesses now. What has not been modified, however, over all these times, is the passion attached to this iconic style that will endure living in times ahead.

To say that the journey of Mens Varisty Jacket & Womens Varsity Jacket constant growth and change is consuming would be an understatement. Ever since the intro of Varsity Jackets in the mid-80s, they have morphed and changed to numerous smooth styles, designs, and custom representations while maintaining its continuing essentials that are its signature.

While it would be right to say that Vintage Varsity Jacket and Letterman Jackets are one and the same. The reason for the use of two names has further to do with history and situation than anything differently. Varsity Jackets are always used by those who presently are or were at one point in “Varsity“ level Sports, Academics, or other activity that qualifies the person to earn an official Vintage Varsity Jacket.

Why Vintage Varsity Jacket Is a Little Expensive:

Varsity Jackets are largely demanded by everyone nowadays it is also popular on the streets. These are particular pieces of outerwear that are made from high-quality stuff.

The price of these jackets can feel really high at first peek. Still, this price- the point is justified; on time we consider the quality of the stuff, the option of complete customization, and the idealistic worth these jackets can have for a person.

It is truly a valuable item because of its comfort it is a bit expensive. For a high academy graduate, these Varsity Letterman Jackets are like pride, a piece of their life spent in that sports gang.


Majority of these versatile jackets have come in wool and leather. Its body is made up of high quality wool (only front and back) and the sleeves are made up of real leather material. There is a little color difference between wool and leather which just give a contrasting look.

It also comes in complete leather material rather than constructed with two different fabrics. Sometimes it comes in full wool material which is high quality wool, soft and fluffy wool.

As you know, Leather is an extremely durable material, especially when it comes to high quality. We provide the best leather due to which your vintage varsity jacket is more long lasting, durable and water resistant. Indeed however high-quality leather jackets might be more precious, you can nearly always be sure that they will last time and look just as good. If we talk about wool so it is a natural light material that is breathable and easy to clean material so you can easily wear your Vintage Varsity Jacket in any season.