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Women’s Soft Shell Jackets

A softshell is an adaptable jacket that is warm and comfortable for any outdoor sports and other activities, but what exactly is a softshell jacket?

Women’s softshell jackets are made from a woven material contrary to the stiffer material of hard shell (or waterproof) jackets. Unlike conventional jackets, a softshell jacket does not have any lining but is made by bonding two layers of fabric together.

The Soft Shell Jackets are designed to overcome a fleece gap as fleece jackets offer less water resistance and protection from the wind. Moreover, they are less stretchy in comparison to softshell jackets. 

The Jacket Closet offers two types of softshell jackets: stretch-woven and the other is a membrane. A stretch-woven Women’s Soft Shell Jacket has a water repellent coating, whereas a membrane softshell is a waterproof membrane bonded between the two fabric layers. However, neither types of softshell jackets are 100% waterproof as they do not have taped seams to stop water from entering the stitched areas.

Stretch-woven jackets are more breathable and popular among women who are active runners or cyclists. Whereas on the other hand, Membrane softshells jackets are slightly heavier and are more suited to outdoor activities where you might need more protection from the elements.

Soft Shell Jacket Custom

Who doesn’t love to be praised, especially when the compliments are on the looks and style? It automatically boosts confidence. TJC wants to see happy faces and people walking in confidence, with some stylish Women’s softshell jackets. We cater to all types of requests; either you want to go with the flow and purchase a jacket from our collection or want to step out of the comfort zone and customize your softshell jacket style.

If you follow all the latest trends and want to stay updated with classy fashion, then The Jacket Closet customizes Soft Shell Jackets is the perfect choice for you. Our craftsmen can add embroidery customization with the finest quality of embroidery threads and trendy color tones and designs. You can with us add as many specifications as you want. With us, you can satisfy your fashion cravings with your out-of-the-box designs, and we will make sure to make premium quality designs for you. 

The Jacket Closet offers a wide range of unique custom-made leather coats and jackets, including customized leather racer jackets, embossed bomber leather jackets, customized TV series leather jackets, and many others. Our collection of custom women’s jackets includes premium quality material with classy & creative designs that are important for your wardrobe. We are a source of immense pleasure to style up in customized leather jackets and slay!

Soft Shell Jacket with Hood

The Jacket Closet understands women’s fashion needs; our experienced designers with a great fashion sense create high chic collections that are loved by many. Moreover, we offer a range of custom women softshell jackets at very reasonable prices. All leather products are closely crafted, with amazing designs, vibrant patterns, tailored with expertise with a choice of premium quality leather. Make a bold style statement with our jacket collection. This Winter Season, say no to boring jacket styles, designs, and colors, and check our unlimited jacket designs or customize one for yourself. 

TJC’s influential collection of custom women’s softshell jacket wear is enough to bring yourself into the limelight. You can add an exciting touch of the hood in your jackets with us, which will give you additional style and comfort. We give you more than a basic jacket! With your creativity and our expertise together, we can create some stylish and sassy designs to complete a look that you have been drooling for a long time.

So please don’t waste your time and buy your favorite jackets from The Jacket Closet, wear it, pose with a mug of coffee, or the way you want before the winter ends!