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Women’s Flight Jackets

A flight jacket is a casual and classy jacket that was originally created for pilots that later became. very popular apparel and cultural parts. Over the years it has evolved into various styles and silhouettes, including “Bomber jacket” and “Letterman jacket” which is a fashionable statement today. 

Around World War I, there was no enclosed cockpit, so pilots were required to wear something that would keep them warm during the flight. The U.S. Army officially established The Aviation Clothing Board in 1917 September to begin the production of quality Flight Jackets.  Today there are many brands and online stores that produce Flight Jackets for Women and Men. The Jacket Closet is one of the online brands that is trusted by many for their quality leather jackets and coats. We have a wide collection of jacket styles, we offer customization, quality material at a very reasonable price. 

The Women’s flight jackets are made especially with wool which provides warmth through winters. Moreover, the sleeves of the flight jackets are generally made of leather with banded wrists and waistbands. The flight jackets are typically constructed from leather, fabric, or sheepskin. The jacket style is made with cut waist-length, zippers, and button closure, and featured elasticized cuffs. Moreover, the collar style can be worn flipped up to protect from cold winds. 

Women’s Flight Jacket with Patches

The Jacket Closet gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd with customized Flight jackets with patches style. 

Patches are one of the coolest things that you can do with your flight jacket. With us, you can customize your own patches, whether you want to add your company logo or your college logo, we make customized patch jackets in order, keeping up with the quality. 

Patches are either sewed or ironed to the jacket. We as professional craftsmen use our skills to stitch and iron the patches on the jackets to keep up the quality of the fabric. Whether the jacket is made from polyester, nylon, denim, suede, or leather, we will put patches on any kind of jacket. 

At The Jacket Closet, we offer beautifully embroidered patch options too. We are your best one-stop shop if you need any style of jackets such as Biker Leather Jackets, Denim Jackets, Faux Jackets, unlimited jacket choices. Moreover, if you need custom patches for your sports team, motorcycle club, military units, events, camping clubs, and for any other purpose. 

We offer top-quality patch design at a very reasonable price with great customer service. Our customer service doesn’t stop there, we stand behind our customers on every step, for 100% satisfaction. 

Cotton Military Flight Jacket

It’s a staple for outdoorsy women, but even if you don’t fall in that camp, you can definitely incorporate looks both rugged and dressy in spring, fall, and the early days of winter.

When the change in season arises, the change in wardrobe knocks too. The cotton jacket’s style is stylish and you can wear it almost all year round. Women Flight Jackets are a perfect staple for outdoor camping and other activities. 

The cold temperature always provides the best time to wear a cotton flight jacket. This jacket style is water-resistant, you can wear it easily in spring and fall. The most liked colors are black and olive green, however, we offer many color options.

The Jacket Closet is a trusted online store that offers its customers affordable jacket styles and coats. Moreover, we offer customization services to give you that unique style statement. Let us know all your requirements, and we won’t disappoint you.