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Women’s Fleece Jackets

Fleece Jackets Women is a perfect choice if you’re seeking something soft, comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly. Fleece Jackets can easily be made in endless colors and imprinted with countless designs; fleece fabric is a perfect choice.

Fleece fabric started as outdoor clothing that suits best for severe weather conditions. However, over time fleece made its way into everything from mittens to hats to jackets and blankets. The way this fabric is constructed doesn’t let pill and form little balls on the fabric. Since it won’t fray or unravel, fleece fabrics are the best choice for the whole family. 

The Jacket Closet has a wide range of Women Fleece Jacket collections in the store. You will find one that matches your requirements; however, if not, you will have an open opportunity to design your jacket style.

Fleece fabric is found in different types, one of which is polar fleece with a two-sided pile, meaning the fabric is the same on both sides. It is very strong, holds warmth, and dries quickly, so outdoor enthusiasts originally used it instead of wool. The structure of the pile surface of the fleece makes air pockets to keep it warmer than wool and other fabrics. Its lightweight and extra warmth made it a good choice for winter camping and backpacking. It has also been used as ear-warmers for newborn calves and even as underwear for astronauts.

Women Fleece Jacket Essential Features

Let’s look into some more important Fleece Jacket features that make it the first choice for many. Fleece jackets are closely stitched to offer comfort and safety. It comes with long sleeves, full-length zippers, a short stand-up collar, and some configuration pockets. Making it perfect for outdoor sports. 

Fleece Jackets have a unique feature; they come with pockets specially made to keep the hands warm under severe weather conditions. These jackets are best for mountain climbing and hiking when you need to attach a harness or hip belt; warmer pockets sit above the hips so they can be used even with gear on. Chest, bicep, and interior stash pockets give plenty of options for carrying electronics and personal items. Pullover fleeces with ¼- and ½-length zips save on zipper weight.

Now moving forward towards the technical side, the fleece jackets have underarm zips to facilitate ventilation and temperature regulation and occasionally appear on heavier-weight fleece jackets. Moreover, additional features are longer cuts and thumb loops that keep the layered pieces tucked in and in place.

Fleece Jackets with Hood

TJC offers you customization opportunities to add a personalized touch to your Fleece jacket. 

If you are someone that loves Hood-style jackets, we can customize your Jacket with a hood. Select any color you want, make as many customizations you want with us. Fleece Jackets with Hood are best for cycling on walking a dog on rainy days. It gives extra protection. However, adding a hood in your Women Fleece Jacket may add a little to the weight. 

Moreover, our jacket collection does not end on fleece jackets; we have a long list of categories. We recommend you to go through our amazing collection of Bomber Leather Jackets, Red Leather Jackets, Trench Leather Coats, and more. Every Jacket in our collection is of premium quality, available at reasonable prices.

Customized Women’s Fleece Jackets

Step out of your comfort zone! Let your creativity speak; modify your Jacket with The Jacket Closet. There is no comparison between other designs and personalized design jackets as your style will always be better, as it holds a touch of your style. Make your style statement with The Jacket Closet.

Whether you want to show off your funky and bold style or a rock band repertoire, we will help you. You can also add that favorite quote or get a loved one picture for a special gift. We want you to put out your creativity and let your style become an inspiration for others. The Jacket Closet lets you play around with personalization.

Every customized Women Fleece Jacket that we make takes our craftsmen’s expertise, guidance, and good communication of our sales agents that listens and suggests putting out a unique product. Together we will create unique jackets that you can slay in the Winter Season.