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Pu Leather for Men

Men’s PU leather, also known as polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer used for making jackets and shoes. 100% PU leather for men is entirely artificial and considered vegan; people prefer this type of artificial leather against genuine leather. Some types of Men’s PU leather, called bi-cast leather, have authentic leather but have a polyurethane coating on top. PU leather takes the fibrous part of cowhide that is leftover from making genuine leather and puts a layer of polyurethane on top.

Men’s PU Leather Jackets 

If you are looking for PU leather jackets for men, you are at the right store. The Jacket Closet brings amazing designs and colors of PU leather jackets. Pu leather jackets have their own pros and cons. Men’s PU leather is cost-effective and less than genuine leather because it is simple to manufacture. The leather type absorbs water and is easier to clean. PU leather is 100% Vegan and can be made in a variety of styles and colors. Unlike genuine leather, it does not dry out over time. Overall, PU leather is better at sustainability because it needs fewer resources to manufacture.

The Jacket Closet is an online store that has a wide collection of leather jackets. Whether you are looking for PU leather jackets, sheepskin leather jackets, cowhide leather jackets, real leather jackets, cotton leather jackets, buffalo leather jackets, and more, PU leather jackets, along with all the pros, have some cons too; these jackets are not breathable and can also smell like chemicals or plastic. Moreover, it can be easily cracked over time, which means it doesn’t last as a genuine leather jacket. PU leather doesn’t develop the same lustre or patina as real leather over time. Moreover, PU leather is vegan because some contain genuine leftover leather.

For people who are looking for eco-friendly leather jackets, these PU leather jackets are the best choice. TJC offers PU leather jackets for men and women. With classy and trendy designs, you can style up with a PU leather jacket for every occasion, from late-night parties to Christmas eve and coffee dates; these jackets are a fantastic pick.