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Men’s Fleece Jackets

As the winter approaches, The Jacket Closet is all set for preliminary procurement — especially when it comes to comfortable outdoor wear. Traditional jackets and vests might be making their rounds within the mainstream media, but if you’re anything like us, you’re in the market for those obscure functional pieces that’ll get you through the cold winds and snowy season in style. Our personal favorite is the Fleece Jacket style that stands out as a time-tested staple that only a few people can incorporate within their wintery ensemble.

Although Fleece hasn’t been around for long, it has still very quickly made its place as a popular textile in the clothing industry. Its versatile nature, breathable trait, and lightweight material have won many hearts because of its efficiency within technical and military applications.

The Best part of Men Fleece Jackets is that it came at a fraction of the cost of its non-synthetic counterparts. It provides people with equal (or greater) warmth without spending a fortune at a low cost. Now, the staple has become world-renowned for its unique composure in terms of water, wind, and weather-proofing, making it an attractive proposition for any avid adventurer.

Men Fleece Jacket Essential Features

Let’s dig in on some important Fleece Jacket features. Fleece jackets mostly come with long sleeves, full-length zippers, a short stand-up collar, and some configuration pockets.

The pockets of Fleece Jackets are made significantly warmer to keep you comfortable in the cold wind. The jacket makes sure the hands stay warm; when wearing a jacket with a climbing harness or hip-belt, warmer pockets sit above the hips so they can be used even with gear on. Chest, bicep, and interior stash pockets give the wearer plenty of options for carrying electronics and personal items. Pullover fleeces with ¼- and ½-length zips save on zipper weight.

Moving on towards the technical side, the jackets have underarm zips to facilitate ventilation and temperature regulation and occasionally appear on heavier-weight fleece jackets. Packs’ shoulder harnesses tend to wear and pill Fleece quickly—if you plan to wear your fleece ski touring or backpacking, look for a jacket with durable nylon or softshell patches at key wear points. Longer cuts and thumb loops keep layered pieces tucked in and in place.

Fleece Jackets with Hood

At The Jacket Closet, we offer our customers customization options. You can add features to your fleece jacket with us. 

There is a great debate among outdoor enthusiasts with hoodies. Some think that a hoodie is a typical addition, while others think it is essential as it plays an essential part in windy hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and more. Hoods that fit under a helmet or shell are popular with backcountry skiers and mountaineers. 

Fleece Jackets with hood depends on the preference only. However, remember that the hood may add a little weight overall to your jacket. 

Customized Men’s Fleece Jackets 

Don’t hold your creativity when it comes to adding a modification to your clothes. A personalized jacket style is way better than any other jacket, as it is a way to nail everyday vibe.

Whether you want to show off your rock band repertoire, add your favorite quote, or just want a piece of clothing that puts out your creative personality and becomes a talking point when you head out on the street. The Jacket Closet lets you play around with personalization.

Every customized Men Fleece Jacket that we make takes our craftsmen’s expertise, communication of our sales representations that guide you on every step, and creativity that you put out on the product. Together we will create unique jackets that you can slay in the Winter Season.