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Men’s Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Faux fur is also known as fake fur, which has the warmth and appearance of genuine animal fur. Faux fur has a long history and was first introduced in the market in 1929. Later in the 1940s, the quality of fake fur was vastly improved because of the advancement of textile manufacture technology. 

However, the modern fake fur was developed after the mid-1950s, with the introduction of the acrylic polymer as a replacement. The increasing popularity credit goes to the welfare organizations which aim to promote animal skin alternatives. 

Generally, it is knitted, synthetic fabric is made with a blend of polyester and acrylic fiber. Thes best thing about the fabric is that it can be dyed into any color easily and is lighter in weight. So if you are looking for a unique color jacket, such as bright blue, faux fur leather jacket for men is the best choice to make. Real fur leather jackets are overpriced, whereas Men’s Faux fur leather jackets are more affordable. Moreover, Men’s Faux fur leather jackets are durable and last longer. The fabric can withstand scrapes and scratches. It doesn’t crack or peel like genuine leather jackets. And it is stain resistant. 

Faux fabric can be wiped easily with warm water. Unlike genuine leather, it does not retain moisture, so faux leather jacket items will not become warped or cracked. Some of the new performance faux leathers can remove ink, liquid, and food stains with only a dry cloth.

Customize Faux Leather Jacket for Men

Are you on a search for that perfect faux fur leather jacket for men? But no design seems to fit your personality? Well, you may find a jacket with amazing cuts and style, but the sleeves may not fit well, or maybe it’s the design that doesn’t excite you. Finding that perfect jacket, that is exactly what you imagined, is hard.  

Wishing to have a service that allows you to customize your own jacket? The design you want, the color you like, the cuts you need, a jacket that is specially crafted just for you. 

Well, we are here to help! 

At The Jacket Closet, you can easily get a leather jacket that is custom-made only for you. You choose the design, and we stitch exactly the way you want it.

No more loose-fitting jackets. With TJC custom faux leather jacket service, you’ll get a nicely stitched jacket that will help you boost your confidence and will let you stand out with the unique customization. 

We understand how everyone has their different preferences and might not like any design in the collection. This is why TJC came up with the option for you to get a customized jacket so that you can wear a style that perfectly matches your personality! 

Our customization process is very simple! Choose the jacket from our catalog or talk to our representative and explain how you want your jacket and let us do the rest. We assure you that you will be the center of attention at your next party with the leather jacket on.

From a custom bomber jacket to embroidered fits, we have something for everyone. Whether you need a leather jacket for your best friend’s birthday party or a new custom letterman jacket to look amazing on your first day at university, we have got you covered. And that too, at the best prices you can find. You don’t need to run from one store to another. The days of getting disappointed after every jacket you try are over.

You can wear them with plain t-shirts and jeans for a casual yet trendy look. Or with your formal dresses and slacks for a sophisticated yet tough ensemble. The choices are endless! Your personalized jacket will make you look good anyhow, anywhere.