How We Started

As the temperature goes down and the cold winds hit the streets, every wardrobe is incomplete without a quality leather Jacket or Coat. Search for quality and fashionable leather product is exactly where The Jacket Closet started.

Going through the same frustration of searching markets for quality leather products that are not overpriced or high-fashion luxury gave us the idea of starting The Jacket Closet. Every fashionista wants to style up in the Winter Season with premium quality and stylish leather jackets; without spending over $1000, people look up for leather products that last for years. However, the options are limited.

After spending months on research, we found the core reason for higher prices of leather outwear; the ongoing long supply chain of distributors, retailers, wholesalers complied with overpriced marketing campaigns. This shows that only ¼ of the fraction of the consumer’s price goes into the product itself. Realizing the problem, we, without wasting a day, got down to make an online store, “The Jacket Closet” which cuts out that extra cost that the consumers pay.

It was a challenge at the start, but our determination to make it easier for people to purchase high-quality leather outerwear at competitive prices made us win. We were cutting out the unnecessary expenses, hiring fashion experts, in-house manufacturing, customizing product choice, just-in-time production, and providing customers with high-quality leather products lower than market prices.

We know how leather outwears will never go out of trend, as it has made a strong place in fashion for years. That classy & fabulous feeling of wearing leather outerwear in Winters is something we want everyone to enjoy without worrying about quality and prices.